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About Us

VK-EDUCATION FAIR is one of the Karnataka’s Premier Education Fair from the house of Vijay
We are now in the 4nd edition of VK-Education Fair-2019, with a successful completion during
2018. Looking forward to reaching out to students and parents who are in thirst for the
information pertaining to Engineering/Medical/professional courses.
VK-EDUCATION FAIR is a career-oriented program for young and talented, where a right
direction and decision play a key role. It is during this period of the year when both Parents &
students seek information on educational institutions course – options, Facilities available at
the campus.
To make this opportunity a brighter one Vijay Karnataka is organizing a premier Education
Fair 2019. VK-EDUCATION FAIR brings young minds, experienced guides and the best
educational institutions face-to-face for optimum interaction and superior Guidance.